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Some Exemplary Online Nursing Shared Governance Sites


Nurses and other health professionals are constantly asking me for referrals to those sites that can provide them some additional assistance and information in their own effort at building shared governance and continuing their journey to Magnet excellence. There are a wide range of organizations that are highly successful in empowering the profession and creating an organizational model that represents staff driven decision-making. The partnership between the nursing profession and the organizations within which it practices is an important foundation for understanding the activities in action of shared governance. Those who fully understand the way true professions behave and the equitable framework that exists between a profession and its partners can successfully create an organizational bridge between the governance of the profession and the activities of the organization. Those who fail to see this connection continue to operate within “an employee workgroup” framework and will continue to find themselves unsuccessful in sustaining the kind of practice outcomes that can only be achieved within a professional configuration.

For those who are interested in further refining their own shared governance journey (with the Magnet framework), helpful are the following websites containing information of a practical and applied nature that can assist in facilitating the journey and minimizing the “noise” embedded in its implementation:

Composite of over 20 Hospital shared governance sites with broad-based information related to design and implementation of nursing shared governance:

Please also note the literature and research references identified on our home page and on the shared governance forum website:

Interested professionals should find more than enough information related to that theory, principles, practices, and structural considerations for the successful implementation of shared governance. Those interested in developing interdisciplinary models for shared governance after having developed and matured in their nursing shared governance models should contact the Aurora Health System in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and St. Mary’s Medical Center in Madison, Wisconsin. Both are Magnet organizations and are pursuing integration of clinical professionals across disciplines and throughout their clinical organizations.

It should be clear to interested individuals that there is a great deal of information available that can be very helpful in their own journey to staff driven decision-making models and structural designs for organizational excellence. Should additional information be required or specific needs be identified please contact us at or 404-892-8494.– Dr. Tim

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