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Healthcare Needs Innovation.


Healthcare is desperate for innovation. There is no doubt that technological innovation has certainly lead the way in improving intervention and treatment in healthcare. However, the infrastructure for healthcare including social policy, payment, and the service infrastructure have fallen hopelessly behind in genuinely meeting the needs of people, the users of healthcare services. At every level of consideration, new thinking and approaches to delivering health care in a model that actually works for every American citizen is critical to the continuing viability and health of the nation. The infrastructure of healthcare as currently considered is challenged on all sides by inadequacy at every level of measure. As a result, the net status of the health of American citizens falls at the lower end of that of other first world nations. Yet, the United States is number one in costs of health care service and in the lack of availability and comprehensiveness of healthcare to all of its citizens. Besides its untenable cost, the circumstance is an embarrassment and should challenge all of us to diligently define the critical questions and seek the appropriate answers which would result in a well-designed, clinically effective, cost-efficient and sustainable health-care system. This category on innovation provides for a wide ranging forum of dialogue on the concepts, principles, process, and applications of innovation as applied to any level of the healthcare system dedicated to creating a frame and approach that results in a more effective, efficient, and creative healthcare enterprise.

Leadership the application or leadership principles for knowledge workers is critically different from that applied to other employee workgroups. Leading professionals and knowledge workers requires a particular set of leadership skills and requires leadership configurations different from that historically applied toward other large employee organizations. Much of the challenges with satisfaction, competence, and turnover in healthcare relates directly to the inadequate fit between the application of historic leadership models in the particular and unique needs of health professionals. These more traditional leadership concepts and approaches are no longer viable (if they ever were) and must be reconceptualized, redefined, reconfigured, and reapplied within an entirely different constructs. This category will focus on topics and issues of leadership as applied to managing the professional, a knowledge worker human resource. Every facet of leadership in this community will be subject to reflection, exploration, and dialogue. It is hoped the participants will share both their questions and their views and, as in previous categories, will use appreciative reproaches to not only identifying current problems with leading and managing professionals and knowledge workers but will suggest potentially successful and appropriate approaches to addressing leadership concerns and to creating new approaches to providing a positive relational and work experience for the professional knowledge worker

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