Dr. Porter-O'Grady has continually contributed creative and innovative models of thinking and practicing in an ever-evolving health care system. For 25 years he has written and published books that "push the walls" of our thinking regarding health leadership and systems change. Always at the forefront of health care leadership, his best-selling books have challenged and encouraged leaders to think and act differently in order to assure health service is as meaningful and viable as it can be. These award-winning publications have always provided insightful and valuable tools for health care leaders to thrive in their roles and move their organizations into a preferred and sustainable future. We hope this current list of publications will assist you in your own leadership and that they will challenge you to be the best leader you can be!

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Publications by Tim Porter-O'Grady, DM, EdD, APRN, FAAN
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*Peer Reviewed


“Nursing Education, A Complex Emotional Issue”, KCNA Advocate, September, 1977

“Problem Oriented Charting, The Implementation Challenge,” Supervisor Nurse, January, 1977

“Matrix Organizations-A Model for the Future”, Supervisor Nurse, July, 1978

“The Nurse Administrators Role in Facilities Planning”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall 1978

“Financial Planning, Budgeting for Nursing”, Supervisor Nurse, August and September, 1979

With Jeane Carter, “Bringing the Nursing Process Into the Operating Room”, AORN Journal, November 1979 *

With Royce Harrell, “Transitional Management, A Process of Planned Change”, Health Care Management Review, Vol. 5, No. 1, June 1980  *

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With Royce Harrell, “Breaking a Union Organizing Effort; A Rural Hospitals Experience”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Winter, 1981

“On The Scene At St. Joseph’s Hospital”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall, 1982

“What Motivation Isn’t”, Nursing Management, December, 1982

“Planning: A Beginning Place For Action”, Health Care Supervisor, Spring, 1983

“Bylaws: An Expression of Self Governance” Perspectives In Nursing, 1983-85, NLN, 1983 *

“Jisu Kanri: Creating a Professional Organization for Nursing”, Nursing Facilitator, ANA, 1983

“The Basic Elements of Budgeting” DRGS: The Reorganization of Health, S-N Publications, Chicago, 1984

“The Caring Component, Lost Or Just Hidden”, The Georgia Nurse, December, 1984

“Shared Governance For Nursing”, Nurse Executive Audioletter, The Delta Group, Greenville, South Carolina, December, 1984

With Ken Wheeler, Carol Barrell, “Technology: A Strategic Factor In Hospital Planning”, Health Care Management Review, Spring, 1985  *

“Health vs. Illness: A Future Perspective”, Nursing and Health Care, June, 1985  *

“Contrasting Politics: Hospital Bureaucracy and Shared Governance”, Political Handbook for Nurses, New York, Addison Wesely, 1985 *

“Nursing Cost: What Is The Real Value of Nursing?”, The Forthman Tapes, Greenville, S.C., Summer, 1985

“Shared Governance Can Help The Bottom Line”, Aspen Advisor For The Nurse Executive, October, 1985

“Strategic Planning: Nursing Practice In The PPS”, Nursing Management, November, 1985

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“Bringing The Knowledge Worker Into The Twenty First Century”, The Forthman Tapes, Greenville, S.C., 1986

“When Ignorance Is Not Bliss”, Aspen’s Advisor For The Nurse Executive, February, 1986

“Understanding The Business of Nursing”, Editorial, Aspen’s Advisor for the Nurse Executive, January, 1987

“Institutional Issues Affecting Nursing Practice Today and Tomorrow”, In Nursing Into The Future, NLN, 1987  *

“Participation and the Critical Care Nurse In The Twenty-First Century”, Dimensions In Critical Care Nursing, Guest Editorial, April 1987  *

“Creating and Managing New Organizational Models In Health Care”, Aspens Advisor for Nurse Executives, June, 1987

The Managers Dilemma In The Operating Room”, AORN Journal, October, 1987  *

“Shared Governance for Nursing”, Nursing Economics, November, 1987  *

“The Management of Practice: The Work of Work Group II, NCNIP”, Perspectives In Nursing, 1987-89, NLN, New York, 1987  *

“The Fine Art of Tough Negotiation”, Aspen’s Advisor for Nurse Executives, December, 1988

“New Directions For Nurse Managers” with Jan Evers, Edrie George, Kay Lewis, The Journal Of Continued Education In Nursing, Fall, 1988  *

“Product Line Management”, Nursing Administration Series, University of Iowa, 1988  *

“Restructuring For A Consumer Driven Marketplace”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Spring, 1988

“The Fine Art Of Tough Negotiation”, Aspen’s Advisor for the Nurse Executive, December, 1988

“Nursing Governance In A Transitional Era”,
in Chaska, New Directions In Nursing, 1989  *

“Decentralizing of Nursing Practice”, in McClosky, Current Issues In Nursing, 1989  *

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Practice Privileges for Nursing, Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Summer, 1989

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“Nursing Care for the Underserved: Crisis and
Opportunity”, National Commission On Nursing Implementation Project, Milwaukee Wis. 1990

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“The Future of Nursing”, Georgia Nursing
Vol. L, No. 5, Sept-Oct, 1990

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“Shared Governance for Nursing”, AORN Journal, Feb., 1991 and March, 1991.   *

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“Changing Realities for Nursing: New Models New Roles for Nursing Care Delivery”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Winter, 1991

“The Elements of Successful Change: Implications for Long Term Care Managers”, The Padona Journal, Fall, 1991

“Professional Governance in a Changing World”, Emphasis: Nursing, UCLA Harbor, Winter, 1992   *

                                    With Lorine Spencer, “A Community Based                                      Health Program for the Homeless”,                                                             Perspectives in Nursing, 1992, New York,                                     
National League for Nursing, 1992

“Transformational Leadership in an Age of Chaos”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall, 1992

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“Designed to Fail: The Service Crisis In Hospitals”, Aspen’s Advisor for the Nurse Executive, April, 1992.

“ Of Quorums And Quality: Integrating Shared Governance and Continuous Quality Improvement”, Aspen’s Advisor for the Nurse Executive, July, 1992

“Entrepreneuralism in a Time of Great Change”, in Entrepreneuring and Intrapreneuring, (Roxanne Sptizer-Lehman, ed.), W.B. Saunders, 1993                   *

"Redesign: Fact, Fiction and Foible", Journal of Nursing Administration, March 1993

“Of Mythspinners and Mapmakers: The Manager of the 21st Century” Nursing Management, April 1993 

"The Electromation Decision: Yesterday Notions for a Tomorrow World" Aspens Advisor for the Nurse Executive, May 1993

With Rhonda Anderson " Is AONE Positioning Nursing for Real Leadership?" Aspens Advisor for the Nurse Executive, September 1993

"Outcomes of Shared Governance: Impact On the Organization", Seminars for Nurse Managers, Editor, with Jolene Tornabeni December, 1993

"The Real Value of Partnership: Preventing Professional Amorphism"  Journal of Nursing Administration, February 1994 *

"Building Partnership in Healthcare: Creating Whole Systems Change," Nursing  & Health Care, February, 1994   *

"Financial Competence: No Longer An Option for Long Term Care Managers", PADONA Journal and the Journal of The American Society of Long Term Care Nurses, Jan/Feb/94

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With Nancy Paris, “Health On Wheels”  Health Progress, November, 1994*

"Work Redesign: Truth or Fiction", American Journal of Nursing, Forthcoming 1994    *

"Reverse Discrimination in Nursing", Nursing Administration Quarterly Fall 1994

"A Systems Approach to Managing Transformation" Seminars for Nurse Managers, December, 1994

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"Future of Shared Governance", Editorial in
The Journal of Shared Governance 1:1 January 1995    

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"New Models New Roles", Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly, Fall 1995     *

"Building Team Effectiveness: The Rules of Engagement" Aspen's Advisor for the Nurse Executive Fall 1995

"From Principle to Practice: Whole Systems Shared Governance" The Journal of Shared Governance, Summer 1995

"Consumer Ownership of Health", Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly Fall 1995     *


"The Innovative Personality" Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly, Spring 1996   *


"Building Toward True Culturally Sensitive Health Care", Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly, Winter, 1996        *

“The Business of Advanced Practice Nursing”, Issue Editor Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly    Summer, 1996    *

“The Seven Basic Rules for Successful Redesign”, Journal of Nursing Administration January 1996    *

“Shared Governance: More Structure Than Substance”, with Vicki George, Journal of Nursing Administration February, 1996    *

“Multidisciplinary Shared Governance: The Next Step”, Seminars for Nurse Managers, March 1996   *

“Integrating Research and Practice for Optimal Clinical Outcomes: An Interview With Tim Porter-O’Grady”, with Gail Wick, ANNA Journal, June 1996

“Assessing Shared Governance: An Example of Instrument Development In A Hospital Setting”, with Patricia Minors and John White in Current Topics in Management, Vol 1  edited by M.A. Rahim et al, 1996     *

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“Perspectives On Shared Governance” The Journal of Shared Governance, with R. Hess, September 1996

“Into the New Paradigm: Writing the Script for the Future of Health Care”, Collegian, Journal of the Royal College of Nursing, Australia, October 1996        *


“Research and Value”, Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly, Winter 1996    *

“Integrating Car Approaches and the Future of Nursing: An Oxymoron?” Aspen’s Advisor for the Nurse Executive, December 1996

“Quantum Mechanics and the Future of Healthcare Leadership”, Journal of Nursing Administration, January 1997    *

“After the Merger: The Dilemma of the Best Leadership Approach for Nursing”, with Carol Bradley, Greg Crow, Ann Hendrick, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Spring, 1997

“Empowerment and Shared Governance Handbook” Nursing 97, March 1997

“Building Community Health: The Real Work of Advanced Practice” Advanced Nursing Practice Quarterly Winter 1997

“Healing and Value: Opportunity and Validation” Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly Spring 1997

“Information Management in A New Environment” with Marsha Parker and Lynn Neimeth, Journal of Shared Governance, April, 1997

"Is It Design or Decline: Conflicts In Reengineering", Aspen's Advisor for the Nurse Executive

"Over the Horizon: The Future and the Advanced Practice Nurse", Nursing Administration Quarterly, Summer 1997

"Professional Practice: A Framework for a Transition to a New Culture", with Margaret Comack and Jacque Brady, Journal of Nursing Administration, December 1997       *   


“Outcomes: The Future of Practice”, Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly, Spring, 1997

“The Private Practice of Nursing: The Gift of Entrepreneurialism”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall 1997

“Influencing Policy: Foreign Territory for Nurses”, Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly Winter, 1997

“Process Leadership and the Death of Management”, Nursing Economic$ November-December 1997     *

"Systems Integration: A Necessity", with P Aikman, N LaBelle and C Goodfellow, Journal of Nursing Administration February, 1998    *

“Entrepreneurship: Shifting Paradigms”, Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Winter, 1998

“Clinical Integration: Partnerships for Care” Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly, Spring, 1998

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“Á Glimpse Over the Horizon: Choosing Our Future”, Orthopaedic Nursing March/April 1998

“So You’ve Heard About Empowerment”, The Journal of Shared Governance, April 1998

“Partnerships for a New Age: Nurses and Physicians At the Crossroads”, New Medicine
Spring 1998             *

“Editorial (6) for Nursing Management July-December, 1998

“From Structure to Culture: A Journey of Transformation”, with M. Comack and G. Paech in The Process-Centered Health Care Organization, Rockville, Md. Aspen Publishers, 1999

“Strategic Partnerships for the Future” in Market Driven Nursing, Judith Ryan, ed. Chicago, AONE, 1999   *

“Quantum Leadership: New Roles for A New Age”, Journal of Nursing Administration, October 1999     *

“Sailing Into the Millennium: New Waters, New Realities”, Canadian Operating Room Nursing Journal, October, 1999   *

“Partnership Economics: Nursing’s Challenge In the Quantum Age”, with K. Malloch in Nursing Economic$, November/December 1999    *

“Á Glimpse Into the New Millennium: A New Era for Health Care”, Today’s Surgical Nurse,  May/June, 1999    *

“Leading In the Quantum World”, Surgical Services Management, August 1999

“Understanding the New World of Nursing”  www.nurses.com, January 17th, 2000

“Enterprise Leadership and the Death of Management”, Aspen’s Advisor for Nurse Executives, 2000

Editorials (6) Nursing Management, 2000

“Shared Governance Within the Market Oriented Health Care System of New Zealand”, International Journal of Nursing, Fall, 2000   *

“Visions for the 21st Century: New Horizons, New Healthcare”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall 2000

“Governance At the Crossroads: Some Insights From a Post-Millennium Trustee,” Health Progress, November-December, 2000   *

“Into the 21st Century: A Call for a New
Construct for Nursing”, Geriatric Nursing
January, 2001   *

“Profound Change: 21st Century Nursing”
Nursing Outlook, Winter, 2001   *

“Governance At the Crossroads, Part 2: 5 New Age Insights for Board Strategic Thinking”, Health Progress, Jan/Feb., 2001   *

“Nursing Shortage and Other Myths: The Challenge of Valuing Nursing”, Patient Care Management, October, 2001

“Is Shared Governance Still Relevant”, Journal of Nursing Administration, October 2001   *

“Where’s the Evidence of Value? Sustaining Health in a New Age”, Patient Care Management, October, 2001

“Five Predictions for 2002”, Patient Care Management, January 2002

“Reforming the Healthcare Structure”, Health Progress with Rick Afable, January-February, 2002    *

“Building Trusting Organizations” Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Spring, 2002

“Managing at a Distance: Five Fundamentals of Effective Leadership for Afar” Patient Care Management, April, 2002

“A Nurse In Private Practice: Advancing the Boundaries of Nursing”, Imprint, 2002

 “A Different Age for Leadership, Part l: New Context, New Content”, Journal of Nursing Administration, January, 2003     *

“A Different Age for Leadership, Part ll: New Rules, New Roles”, Journal of Nursing Administration, February, 2003   *

“Self-care Promotes Good Care” Nursing Management, February, 2003  *

“Of Hubris and Hope: Transforming Nursing for a New Age”, Nursing Economics, March/April, 2003    *                                              

“Cloning and the Specter of Galileo”, Patient Care Management, March, 2003

“The Technology of Partnership: Physicians and Hospitals in the 21st Century”, with Richard Affable, Hospital Progress, May/June, 2003 *

“Creators and Dreamweavers: Building Conspiracies of Innovation”, The Nurse Leader, Issue Editor and Author, Premier Issue
Winter, 2003

“The Public Role of the Nurse Executive”,  Voice of Nurse Leadership, July 2003

“Nurses As Knowledge Workers”, Creative Nursing, August, 2003

“When Push Comes to Shove: The Manager  As Mediator”, Nursing Management, October 2003 *

“Managing Conflict In the Workplace”, Imprint, September/October, 2003   *

“Innovation and Creativity In A New Age For Healthcare” Journal of the New York State Nurses Association,  Winter,2003  *

Leadership Development, in Nursing Management: Principles and Practices, Spring, 2004  *

“Accountability and Action: Affirming the Five Key Elements of the Board-Medical Staff Relationship, Hospital Progress, Winter, 2004 * *

“The Evolving Health Delivery System” in Contemporary Nursing: Issues Trends and Management, 3rd Edition Spring, 2004  *

“Shared Governance”, Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, Issue Editor, Vol. 9, Issue 1, 2004   *

“Leadership Development” In Nursing Management: Principles and Practice, Spring, 2005 *

Issue Editor: The Nurse Leader,  August, 2005

Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly, “Evidence-based Administration”, Summer, 2006

“A Positive Approach to Negative People” an interview in OR Manager March 2006

“Can American Healthcare Coverage Catch Up” Nursing Management, September 2006  *

“Nursing Today and Beyond”, American Nurse Today, October 2006, interview and panel member

“The CNO as Entrepreneur: Innovation Leadership for a New Age”, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Winter, 2007

“Engaging Transformation: Constructing a New Model for Nursing Education and Practice”, with Anne McNeil,  Nurse Leader, June, 2007

“Push Parameters Forward Using Evidence-based Approaches” Nursing Management, June, 2007    *

“A Capital Transformation” in Nursing Without Borders; Weinstein & Brooks, Eds. STTI, 2007 *

“Innovation, Architecture and Quantum Reality: Synthesis in a New Age for Healthcare”, Health Environments Research & Design Journal, Fall 2007  *

“Creating An Innovative Nursing Organization”, AONE Voice of Nursing Leadership, March, 2008   *

Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly Leadership for Excellence issue, Spring, 2009”

“Creating a context for excellence: Comparing chief nurse executive leadership practices in Magnet and non-Magnet hospitals” Nursing Administration Quarterly, Summer, 2009

Issue Editor with Kathy Malloch, Nursing Administration Quarterly  Innovation, Leadership and Organizational Transformation, Fall, 2009

“Commentary on Effects of a Preceptor Programme on turnover rate, cost, quality and professional development”, Journal of Clinical Nursing, UK, 2009  *

“A Transformational Moment” With S. Basinger in 101 Global Leadership Lessons for Nurses: Shared Legacies from Leaders and their Mentors, NR Gantz, ed. STTI, 2010

“Nurses As Knowledge Workers”, in Teaching Nursing: the Art and Science, Linda Caputi, ed. 2010.  *

Issue Editor, “Nurse Leader: AONE Journal, Summer, 2010, Forthcoming.

“The Case For Clinical Nurse Leaders: Guiding Practice Into the 21st Century” with M. Higgins, JS Clark, in Nurse Leader, AONE Journal, April, 2010.

“ Challenging Regulation Realities in a New Age for Practice”, Journal of Nursing Regulation, Summer 2010    *

“Innovation: Driving the Green Culture in Healthcare” with Kathy Malloch, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Fall, 2010

Issue Editor, Nursing Administration Quarterly, Winter 2011, forthcoming


Porter-O’Grady, Tim:

 Porter-O’Grady, Tim:

 Shared Governance For Nursing: A Creative Approach To Professional Accountability”, with Sharon Finnigan, Rockville, Md. Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1984
AJN Book of the Year Award

Creative Nursing Administration: Managing Participation Into The Twenty First Century,
Rockville, Md., 1986

Nursing Finance: Budgeting Strategies For A New Age, Rockville Md. Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1987
AJN Book of the Year Award

The Reorganization Of Nursing Practice: Creating The Corporate Venture, Rockville, Md. Aspen Publishers, Inc. 1990

Implementing Shared Governance, Editor, St. Louis, Mosby Books, 1992; TPOG Inc. 2007

Shared Governance Implementation Manual, St. Louis, Mosby Books, 1992; TPOG Inc. 2007

The Leadership Revolution In Health Care: Altering Systems Changing Behavior, with Cathleen Wilson, Aspen Publishers, Fall 1995

Whole Systems Shared Governance, Editor with Marsha Parker, Marilyn Hawkins, Rockville Md., Aspen Publishers, 1997

The Healthcare TEAMbook, with Cathleen
Wilson, St. Louis, Mosby Books, 1998, TPOG Inc., 2008

AJN Book of the Year Award

Innovation Leadership, with with Tim Porter O'Grady and Kathy Malloch, 2009
AJN Book of the Year Award

Quantum Leadership: A Textbook of New Leadership, with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2003

The Quantum Leader: Applications for the New World of Work, with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2005  
AJN Book of the Year Award

An Introduction Into Evidence-based Practice with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2006

Quantum Leadership: Innovation Leadership for a New Age with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2007

The Quantum Leader: Applications for the New World of Work with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2009 AJN Book of the Year Award

Interdisciplinary Shared Governance: Structuring for 21st Century Practice: Jones & Bartlett, 2009

The Leadership of Innovation: Transforming Healthcare, with Kathy Malloch; Jones & Bartlett, 2010

Principles of Evidence-based Practice, 2nd Edition, with Kathy Malloch, Jones & Bartlett, 2010

Quantum Leadership: Advancing Innovation, Transforming Healthcare 3rd Edition, Jones & Bartlett, 2010.


Porter-O’Grady, Tim:

Editorial Board, Health Care Supervisor, 1982-84

Editorial Review Board, Nursing and Health Care, NLN, 1983-1996

Editorial Advisory Board, Nursing Administration Quarterly, 1987-Present

Editorial Board, REVOLUTION, Journal of Nursing Empowerment, 1990-98

Editor, 1987-1992; Editorial Board, Aspen' Advisor For The Nurse Executive, 1987-Present

Consultant for Nursing Administration, Aspen Publishers, 1989-1992

Editorial Board, The Journal of Shared Governance, 1994-1998

Editorial Board, Advanced Practice Nursing Quarterly, 1994-1998

Editorial Board, Today’s Surgical Nurse, 1996-1999

Editorial Advisor and Consultant, Nursing Management, (Springhouse), 1998-Present

Editorial Board, Aspen's Patient Care Management, 2000-Present

Editorial Board, The Nurse Leader, 2002-Present

Editorial Board, Healthcare Management Review, 2004-Present

Editorial Advisor,  Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins Publishers 2000-Present

Editorial Board, The Journal of Clinical Nursing, UK, 2004-Present

Editorial Board, Health Environments Research and Design Journal, 2008-Present

Editorial Board, The Journal of Healthcare Leadership, 2009

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